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What you eat matters, and Gary's Organics is the easiest way to consistently maintain a healthy organic diet. We deliver 100% organic fruits and veggies straight to your door!

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Welcome to our new website! We are so excited to bring so many new and awesome features to you.
Keep an eye out for your email on Wednesday, it will tell you what''s new and what will be on your personal menu for next week.
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Sales & Specials

We run specials on items you can add to your order every week. Just log in to your account to shop!

Organic Broccoli
$4.49 each
Organic Garlic 2oz
Garlic 2oz
$1.19 each
Organic Ginger 2oz
Ginger 2oz
$1.09 each
Organic Kale SC
Kale SC
$2.79 bunch
Organic Italian parsley
Italian parsley
$2.39 bunch
Organic Cremini Mushroom 6oz
Cremini Mushroom 6oz
$1.99 each
Organic Yellow Onion
Yellow Onion
$1.59 lb.
Organic Baby Spinach 3oz
Baby Spinach 3oz
$1.39 each
Organic Yellow Squash Local
Yellow Squash Local
$2.49 lb.
Organic Avocado small
Avocado small
$1.59 each
Organic Valencia Orange
Valencia Orange
$2.29 lb.
Organic Bananas
$0.99 lb.
Organic Bell Pepper Green Local
Bell Pepper Green Local
$2.89 lb.
Organic Celery
$1.89 each
Organic Beet Root
Beet Root
$2.39 lb.
Organic Red Potato
Red Potato
$1.09 lb.
Organic Grapefruit Ruby
Grapefruit Ruby
$2.19 lb.
Organic Lime
$0.59 each
Organic Zucchini Local
Zucchini Local
$2.69 lb.
Organic Cauliflower small
Cauliflower small
$3.39 each
Organic Carrots
$1.29 lb.
Organic Sweet Potato Local
Sweet Potato Local
$1.59 lb.
Organic Dandelion Greens
Dandelion Greens
$2.39 bunch
Organic Roma Tomato
Roma Tomato
$3.29 lb.
Organic Cucumber
$2.49 lb.
Organic Gala Apple
Gala Apple
$2.79 lb.
Organic Green Beans
Green Beans
$2.89 lb.
Organic BiColor Corn
BiColor Corn
$0.99 each
Organic Pineapple
$4.99 each
Organic Lemon
$1.19 each
Organic Kiwi
$3.59 lb.
Organic Carnival Squash
Carnival Squash
$1.89 each
Organic Red Butterleaf Lettuce
Red Butterleaf Lettuce
$2.79 each
Organic Cabbage
$2.99 each
Organic Red Chard
Red Chard
$2.79 bunch
Organic Citantro
$1.79 each
Organic Eggplant GA
Eggplant GA
$3.49 each
Organic Romaine Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
$2.99 each
Organic Bartlett Pear Red
Bartlett Pear Red
$2.39 lb.
Organic Braeburn Apple
Braeburn Apple
$2.79 lb.

Contact Us

Have a question or comment? Click here to send a message or give us a call at 843-437-1183, or you can email us at [email protected]

Our Delivery Area

We deliver to the Charleston area including Mt. Pleasant, Hanahan, Summerville, Charleston, and North Charleston. We deliver to schools, public buildings, offices, homes, boats, and the occasional tree house.

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Questions about where we deliver? Send us a note, we love getting mail!

How does the service work?

Simply. We dreamed up the perfect way to get organic produce. Pick the size and type of box you want (fruit & veggie, all fruit, or all veggie), and we'll send you an email the Friday before your delivery. Then you can log in and make subs!

Is there any commitment?

Absolutely not! We're not a cell phone company. You can come and go as you please, set vacations, cancel, start back up, all at your own discretion.You have total control. No sign up fees, no cancel fees, just delicious produce!

Don't Worry, be Happy!

We strive to make you happy. We do this by allowing our customers to customize their weekly or bi-weekly order. Not a fan of everything in the box this week? That's ok! You can substitute out something you don't like for something you do.


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